Doors opening

Discover the 50 start-up exhibitors before the start of the conferences

9h – 9h25

Introduction of the day

Nicolas DUFOURCQ (Managing Director of Bpifrance), Marie-Vorgan LE BARZIC (Managing Director of NUMA Paris), et Paolin PASCOT (President of La Ferme Digitale & CEO of Agriconomie)

9h30 – 10h15

Round-table n°1 « Investment in AgTech »

«How to make our start-up succeed in agtech? Agriculture is changing rapidly and start-up are actively involved in this transformation. How do investors see these new actors? Will they take the step? »

10h20 – 11h05

Round-table n°2 « Day-to-day production »

«Will all disruptive innovations alter the farmer’s daily life? Robotics, genetics, drones, datas, RTK or GPS systems (...) will they work and make decision for farmers? »

10h25 – 11h05

Keynote n°1 « Projection to the United States: the agtech update »

11h10 – 11h55

Round-table n°3 « traditional agricultural distribution »

« Should agricultural distribution reinvent itself? What are the issues and which answers ? »

11h15 – 11h45

Keynote n°2 « the new digital connections: a tremendous leverage for the agricultural profession »

12h – 12h30

Business France presents the Agrinest & Agronov projects

Presentation and kick-off of accelerator program by Business France in the field of agricultural technologies.

– Lunch break & networking –

13h – 13h30

Keynote n°3 « agriculture in 2030 & the technologies that will shape it »

13h30 – 14h

La Ferme Digitale & its partners

Presentation of La Ferme Digitale : appointments with the founders, the 13 start-up of our association and our partners. Discover the news of the asociation and ambitions at midday.

14h05 – 15h

Round-table n°4 « accelerator »

« How to mobilize collective intelligence in agriculture? »

15h05 – 15h35

Start-up pitchs

15h40 – 17h

Round-table n°5 « the foodsystem in 20 years? »

« How will we eat in 2030? Can we feed the city by the city? What will become our relationship to the ground?»

17h10 – 17h45

Keynote n°4 « the blockchain »

17h – 18h20

Conclusion of the day

– Cocktail & networking –